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Still not sure where to start with Social Media for your event?


We work with several conference organisers, most of whom have attended conferences themselves where they've be told they must make use of Twitter (in particular) and other social media platforms. But most are still hesitant, or unsure of how to get started. 

We recently set up a site for a client who was braver than most.

They've used MailChimp and Twitter rather nicely. Have a look at the site here: www.physicians2014.co.za

At the bottom left, you'll see a signup form for interested parties. This subscribes the delegates to a free MailChimp mailing list, and updates (nice branded HTML updates that adhere to all anti-spam policies) are mailed to them when something important happens.

At the right, you'll see a Twitter Feed. We created a Twitter account for them, and with a bit of magic and some clever plugins, voila! The site is continually fed with whatever they post on Twitter. This also encourages people to follow them, and mention them before and during the conference itself... a 2-way dialogue, just what the social media doctor ordered.


This is really simple to do, and both Twitter and Mailchimp are free for this sort of use (if you are technically-challenged we'll set it up for you for a small fee). You'll be surprised how much exposure you'll get from such small additions to your website.