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A look at some peculiar events and exhibits


While rummaging around the interwebs, as one does, I came across an unusual festival taking place in the USA. It's the Turkey Testicles Festival - yes, you read that right! The 30th annual one, no less, this is no flash in the pan (sorry!). Turkey testicles are fried in batter and served to "an eager crowd of 4000 people". Well, I guess Thanksgiving provides a lot of leftovers, and someone came up with an inventive spin-off. 


It got me thinking... is it the strangest event, or are there other contenders for that title?la tomatina 3


Spain is pretty good at strange festivals... with a nod to the Running of the Bulls, there's also La Tomatino (tomato festival), where participants throw squishy tomatoes at each other. Uh huh. And another that involves throwing flour.  



Japan has an event dedicated to fingernails - the Tokoyo Nail Art Expo.airguitar1 med



And Finland boasts the annual worldwide Air Guitar champs, a hotly contested event to determine who plays the best imaginary guitar (remember practicising in front of the mirror when you were a teenager?)



Of course, there's an abundance of sci-fi weirdness every year... if you thought the 4-day Star Trek Convention was just one event, think again! Here's a list of what the Trekkies are up to around the world. There is some serious money and organisation behind all that.


treknobabble16And there's the Roswell UFO Festival if you need a break from the Trekkies (although I suspect a good few of them will show up in Roswell too).



TunaramaNot to be left out, the Australians give us "Tunarama", Home of the World Championship Tuna Toss!



What's the weirdest annual event you know of? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page :)