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The demand for virtual events (and later hybrid events) saw some really horrible attempts at virtual tradeshow platforms.

Most of them were complicated to use, requiring software downloads and installations, registrations and settings, and had so many features that the average exhibitor/visit was left confused. From personal experience, I was thwarted in my attempts to visit a tradeshow due to installation errors, and virus warnings.

Clearly there was a need for something simpler. 

Something that would run in a normal browser, with no fuss.

Something that was mobile-responsive.

Something light and easy that still got the job done.


And that's where Showcase It Online was born.

It runs in any browser, no setup procedure, no downloads.

Just click on it.

Here's what the press had to say.

You want to have a look? 

Here are the first 2 events to have used the platform:

If you are running a tradeshow and would like a simple online version of it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..