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Abstract Review



Blind Review is standard practice for abstracts submitted for consideration to academic conferences.

This means no human being interferes with the process of allocating abstracts to reviewers, and no reviewer sees the identify of the author when he scores the paper.

It's completely impartial.

But in reality... it doesn't always work like that.

  • Abstract topics can be so specialised that someone needs to oversee who is selected as a reviewer.
  • And sometimes there's a Bossy Professor who is a bit of a control freak and wants to oversee everything.
  • Or the conference has previously used a system that wasn't "blind", and is not used to the protocol.


And this is why we've just launched a new flavour of EXBO/Abstracts. blind


We call it "Seeing Review" (our little joke).

It allows a Review Administrator to allocate abstracts to a specific reviewer - the one they feel is best suited. But still without seeing the author's identity.


Here's a little diagram showing Blind vs Seeing mode...


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