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This crazy post from "stupididiotic" got us thinking...

pizzabadge lots

We get a lot of name badges at conferences.

Most are pretty standard. But some are clever, or weird, or funny.


There is the old "Hello, my name is" badge, where the delegate fills it in himself. 

Of course, there are always a few jokers! :)



You can limit the choices a bit by pre-printing the names, and supplying ribbons that are added to the bottom of the namebadge. Let the delegate choose, at the registration desk.

Some cheeky, some serious, some creepy - just like the people at every event! :)


We paricularly like these ones, from TED Active.

"Talk to me about..." badges are perfect conversation starters.

Instead of that awkward small talk, you can pick a subject that the delegate is passionate about.


TEDactive1    Tedactive2


In the useful arena, there are badges with QR codes that lead to the delegate's website/social media page/profile.

This is an easier way to get to know people than collecting business cards and stuffing them into your conference bag.


And then there's the back-of-the-badge area, so often forgotten.

Use it for:

  • a venue map
  • condensed programme
  • short bio of keynote speakers
  • contact details for venue, organisers, taxi service
  • anything else that might be useful to the delegate



Seen any good ones? Tell us in the comments!