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Do you have this problem?

Delegates register for your event, then don't pay.

And you waste hours chasing them for payment. Aaargh!!

Here's an easier way...

As from today, you’ll find a new button at the foot of your registrations on each event.


Clicking it will bring up a list of everyone who has an outstanding balance (this assumes you are capturing the payments on our system)

You can then send one of 3 reminders to these delegates (click the top tickbox to select them all, or choose who to send to).

Reminder types are:

  • Just a reminder (no time limit)
  • A reminder saying they have 48 hours to pay before their registration is deleted.
  • A reminder saying they have 7 days to pay before their registration is deleted.


We don’t actually delete – we leave that to your discretion.

You can select who to delete, and click the DELETE button if/when you wish.

We hope this proves to be a big time-saver for you! :)