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Over the weekend, I attended a TEDx event in Asheville, USA… from my couch.

You see, the event was “live streamed” over the internet, so I saw everything as if I was sitting in the audience. The event website provided me with the program and a bio of each speaker. I could “chat” to the others watching the video stream, or via Twitter… we had an SA/India/Brazil/USA conversation going on.

It cost me nothing (I have an uncapped ADSL line) and I never left my comfy chair.  I love the internet!

In the conference and event arena, using the internet allows us to:block img

  • Print less paper
  • Provide services 24/7 – even while we sleep
  • Deal with international audiences seamlessly
  • Make life easier for ourselves and our customers
  • Connect to the world, with a click or two
  • Lower our carbon footprint

Rather than printing flyers and magazine adverts, create a website and promote it via social media.

Rather than printing tickets, and having people drive to collect them, use online registration and ticketing.

Rather than close your doors at 5pm, let your website and online tools keep working. Your customers will love you for this, especially those in other time zones.

Rather than limit your audience to your home town, engage with people all over the world and share ideas and inspiration.

It’s the modern way to do things, it’s clean, efficient, and a whole lot less expensive! 

If you are still doing things the old-fashioned way,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to modernise, before you join the dinosaurs :)