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Tweak your website!


Not everyone knows how to create a website.

Most conference and event organisers have someone else create their site, and do most of the content editing.


But nearly everyone knows how to use Facebook and Twitter
(You've probably heard a lot about using social media to drive traffic to your website. But you can also use it to make your website look fresher and more interesting.)



So here's a quick "hack" for your next event... ask your online service provider (hopefully us!) to insert a Facebook feed, or Twitter stream, into your website.

We can also help create the social media account for you - then all you need to do is post updates and photos there.


Here's an example from our holding company's website - Facebook feed on the right of the page. 


And here's a bonus hack.... ask us to set up a mailing list for you, with an option for delegates (or even better,  potential delegates) who are viewing your website to subscribe for event updates.